Art and Metal as the next step up for your projects

Architects, eat your heart out – the possibilities are endless!

Being an architect, taking your project to the next level is what you do and it’s why you are always looking for the perfect finishing. Art and Metal will give you exactly that. Whatever it is you want to have made, we can bring it to live with Art and Metal. Have your creative ideas mold into metal!

Seamless zinc panel façades? Copper ornaments? The perfect U-shaped bronze desk? These and more are all made possible by our real metal coatings (VeroMetal). The fact that the coatings work their magic on every surface makes for endless possibilities. Use VeroMetal for exterior work or interior design, for renovating purposes or for brand new constructions. Using Art and Metal as an architect, interior designer or contractor, your creativity is given wings. Take it as far as you’ve always wanted it to go!

Aside from its creative purposes, Art and Metal offers even more advantages:

  • Patinates like real metal; it’s strong and very durable
  • Has the real, solid metal look
  • Light weight, for particularly easy use/application
  • Prefab, speedy delivery, works with even the tightest of schedules
  • Lower costs
  • Environment friendly (strongly reduced CO2 emission and almost no leaching)
  • Suitable for any surface and to bring any creative idea to live