Art and Metal’s offers many advantages. This is not only due to the perfect product traits, but also thanks to the wide application. Art and Metal gives you complete freedom in shape and form. Any 3D object you can think of can be created in metal! Art and Metal also gives you a choice between different types of metal finishing. That way, you pick the look that perfectly suits your project. To give you an idea: a shiny, copper ball has a different look and feel than a zinc ball with matte-finish. Same 3D object, completely different looks.

Other benefits include only needing a thin layer of VeroMetal to get the result you want. That means lower costs and a more light weight end product, which makes for easier transport. Placing the object or project on its final location will also be a lot simpler. Being a product with almost zero C02 emission and almost no leaching, being environmental friendly is yet another benefit to add to the list.

Apart from creating light weight end products, Art and Metal has yet another practical benefit; it can be used on basically any surface. This means you don’t have to take the material into account when planning for an object or surface to have the metal coating. This could cut costs considerably and once again lets you do anything and everything you want. Let your imagination run free!

Looking for the whole package? We can help you from start to perfect (metal) finish, where we would start with your 3D design, make a polyester mold, and metalize the design in VeroMetal, using your choice of metal and finishing.

We are happy to provide input and help you on your way to the best light weight, environmentally friendly, low-cost quality end product. Would you like to learn more? Please feel free to contact us.